Data Logger


The Nimbo data logger is a very accurate and ideal device for measuring precipitation. This device has been designed using the most up-to-date technologies in the world and in accordance with the natural environment and different weather conditions. Ease of maintenance, reliability and simple installation are the advantages of this standard data logger that meets the highest needs.

Nimbo Pro

The Nimbo Pro processor is modularly designed, so it responds to a wide range of high-performance applications. Designing standard input currents (4-20 mA), voltage (0-10 volts), pulse, One Wire modular is one of the notable points of this system. Ease of maintenance, reliability and simple installation are the advantages of this standard data logger that meets the highest needs.


The data logger is designed to measure the height of surface water (rivers, dams). This device uses clean (solar) energy. Separation from the body with its quality, accurate measurement, problem detection and remote configuration, O device shows many modern and special features in the future.

Data Logger voltmeter

The voltage metering data logger has the ability to continuously record electrical parameters (cathodic protection potential) at high speed and the ability to store this information. The performance of this data logger is similar to multimeters, except that they have the ability to continuously record the measured information and have a higher sampling speed than multimeters. In addition to sampling and storing information, the new electronic data logger provides users with information online on the web.


Rain gage

A rain sensor is a device for measuring rainfall in nature. Tipping Bucket technology is used and the output of the device for measurement is pulse. This sensor can be used in meteorological, climatological and agricultural stations.

LevelSense shaft encoder

Surface sensor is used to measure the water depth of rivers and dams. The very precise encoder in the sensor greatly increases the efficiency of the sensor. This sensor can be used in hydrometric stations of water resources.

Weight and float

These floaters and weights are designed for use in lithography and connection to data loggers, but due to their conceptual design, they can also be connected to other level gauges such as SEBA and AOTT.

Temperature and humidity

It is a precise sensor for measuring and calculating the temperature and humidity of the air with the ability to connect wires.

Moisture Sensor

This sensor is used to measure soil temperature and humidity. The data in question is transmitted to the sensor wirelessly to the data loggers. This sensor can be used in climatology and agriculture stations.


Online Panel

The web-based system is based on the most up-to-date web software design protocols. The mission of this system is to collect, organize and display meteorological information. It receives information from the Komolo, Strato, Nimbo, app, and even SMS devices (from mobile phones to traditional stations).

Mobile APP

In the Meteorological Station Intelligence System, the "Rain" meteorological application is designed to speed up reporting and make meteorological information more accessible.