Who are we

Our products and services provide customers with a better understanding of the environment

We have two global business areas that develop, manufacture and market innovative products and services for environmental and industrial measurement.

The ELECTRONIC NOVIN company is based on research and development and currently specializes in smartening, data logger manufacturing, data transfer, instrumentation and sensor manufacturing.


Customer:We strive to deeply understand the needs of our customers and see their purpose in everything we do.

Innovation: We will be updating and producing innovative products through continuous learning and improvement.

Cooperation: We improve by participating, learning and collaborating with each other and our other stakeholders.

Perfection:We are honest, respectful and trustworthy and promote sustainable and ethical behavior.


Quality:Provide the highest quality services and products to customers

Customer:Moral management and increasing sustainable customer relationships

Staff:Improving productivity and employee satisfaction

Growth: Ensuring long-term growth and increasing market share

Financial: حفظ سودآوری شرکت به عنوان سرمایه رشد آن